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On the banks of Lake Leman, in Vevey, Switzerland, just once a generation, an outstanding celebration is held, one of the most emblematic in the whole of Switzerland. Held since 1797 and initially just a parade along the town’s streets, the Winegrowers’ Festival has turned into a spectacular pageant during which the best winegrowers of the region of Lavaux and Chablais in the Swiss canton of Vaud are crowned in the Market Square.

The processions and performances that take place over about three weeks in the town’s streets and in an enormous arena built in the Market Square are breath-taking for locals and visitors alike.

The Winegrowers’ Festival brings together men and women from every walk of life and across the different generations, all of whom show huge enthusiasm and generosity even months before the actual events begin. Time after time, the magical atmosphere created by the Festival goes beyond every expectation, with excitement and a sense of community in the forefront.


Would you like to be part of it?


For example, you could join the organising body, giving whatever time you can and offering whatever skills you have, over the next few months or years, helping to set up this unique event.

Or, during a summer that includes the rehearsal period, you can contribute to the success of this Event by bringing your joy and dynamism to the rehearsals and play, by becoming a performing extra.

Come and participate in the Winegrowers’ Festival 2019! Preparations are already under way, and you can help bring them to their completion.

The ‘’Confrérie des Vignerons’’ will be delighted to celebrate this exceptional event with you!


François Margot
Confrérie des vignerons



Do you wish to participate as an Extra?

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